Rules & Regulations


The rules and regulations related to teaching methodology will focus on the following aspects.

The student needs to be completely alert and attentive and shall write down key points during the rendering of a topic by the teachers. Since the teaching pattern of each teacher might be different, the students should make a conscious effort to familiarize themselves with the same to gain maximum benefits.

The teachers will discuss all important and previous years questions in the class.

The students will attempt the subject wise standard test papers for Preliminary exams as per the schedule announced in the class.

The teachers will discuss all important case laws, both Landmark or Current, in the class and will also supply the cases to students for their personal reference.

The students will carefully study the cases and preserve the documents and any distribution of the same to any outsiders can lead to termination of their admission.

The classes will also include practice sessions for answer writing, which the students must take very seriously.

The teachers will be delivering motivational lectures regularly during the classes to help boost the confidence of the students, who should take these lectures positively.

The teachers might hold a small question round at the start of every class to assess what the students learned during the previous lecture. Hence, it is advisable for the students to come prepared for their classes on a daily basis as it will also prove beneficial in their exam preparation. Any discrepancies in this respected will be reported to the parents.


We believe in instilling a strict sense of discipline within our students to help them get the most from our coaching programs. It also helps in preventing wastage of time for the institute, teachers and most importantly the students themselves. That is why we request the students to take these rules in a positive stride and follow them strictly. The students enrolling with us are required to adhere to the following set of rules and regulations for the entire duration of the course.

The Institute has a strict “no discount on fee” policy and hence the students are requested not to insist for the same or try to influence us with recommendations of any kind as these will not be accepted.

The students are expected to cooperate with their batchmates and other students as well as their teachers and other institute staff. They should not bring any excessive or irrelevant materials to the class as this may distract other students.

Students should refrain from the habit of saving seats for their friends in the classroom as it is against institute regulation and disciplinary action will be taken against any student found doing so.

Students shall attend classes regularly and in a punctual manner and the institute shall not be held responsible for non-completion of course by irregular students. However, in case of an authentic reason for irregularity, the Proprietor might allow a student to repeat the course on the basis of availability of seats by providing prior written permission for the same.

Students should be seated in the class at least fifteen minutes before the lecture starts. A student might be prevented from attending the classes by the teacher or the Proprietor if he/she is regularly late for the lectures.

Even though the duration of the Foundation Course is 13-14 months, it might get extended by a month or two under some special circumstances such as the illness of a teacher or extra classes conducted for other subjects.

The students are required to provide an existing contact number, along with the permanent and present address, to the institute.

Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the institute and any student found using a mobile phone will be subjected to disciplinary action.

Students have to sign for any study material, cases or other handouts that may be supplied form them at the office itself.

The students shall not do any audio or video recording of the lectures and violation of this rule can lead to the termination of admission of the student as well as the initiation of legal proceedings against them.

The Proprietor also holds the right to change the venue of the lectures in case the need for the same arises during the course.

The students will subject themselves to the thorough security check at the entrance to the institute a guard of the appropriate sex. The security check will include complete body frisking, searching of bags, mobile phones and any other material carried by the students. Failure to cooperate with the security check will be considered as an act of indiscipline resulting in disciplinary action being taken against the students.

The final decision of terminating the admission of a student on the grounds of any of the below-listed acts of indiscipline or rule breaking that might have a negative impact on the coaching of other students or even tarnish the goodwill of the institute, lies with the Proprietor.

  1. Any act of quarrel or fight within the premises even in the vicinity of the Institute
  2. Any indecent gesture or words, written or said orally, or an act intended at insulting any student or staff of the Institute
  3. Spreading malicious rumors or instigating students or others against the credibility and credentials of the institute or its staff or its students
  4. Destruction or diminishing the value of any property of the Institute
  5. Distributing or selling the study material, class notes or cases supplied by the Institute
  6. Causing unwarranted disturbance to the teacher or fellow students in the classroom
  7. Making an audio or video recording of class lectures
  8. Making any kind of threat to a teacher or student
  9. Refusal to co-operate in the security check procedure at the Institute

The Role We Play In Ensuring Student Success

We use a combination of different teaching methods and tools to ensure a high success rate of our students. These methods and tools include interactive lectures, discussions, teaching through case studies, test papers, class representation, viva-voce, seminars, etc.

We employ a team of highly qualified, experienced and responsible faculty members including renowned lecturers, retd. Judges as well as University professors. We adhere to the following teaching principles to help our students get the best results.

A strong commitment to imparting ‘Education with purpose’.

Maintain regularity in studies.

Ensure the revision of the previous topic during each class.

Organize special classes for extra problem-solving.

Provide well-disciplined learning environment.

Pay attention to the personality development of students.

Help students develop time management skills and paper attempting strategies.

Give personal attention to each student.